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In 2013 we successfully applied for, and received a grant from The Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Trillium Foundation

About the Trillium Foundation and its purpose.

The Foundation's goal, from the very beginning, has been to build healthy and vibrant communities throughout Ontario, and to strengthen the capacity of the voluntary sector through investments in community-based initiatives.

Currently, the OTF is mandated to allocate over $100 million annually and has improved its grant processing to an easily accessible on-line electronic format. Grant programs have matured and deepened into three main groups: Community, Province-Wide and Future Fund grants.

Today, active in a wide range of projects and communities, the OTF repeatedly hears first hand how peoples' lives and communities have improved for the better.

Ontario communities' needs continue to be diverse and constantly changing. The Foundation continues to use its unique knowledge and experience in adapting and meeting these needs - from focusing its granting initiatives to meeting economic hard-time needs like skills retraining and employment, to addressing greener communities, or richer cultural communities promoting diversity and tolerance.

The Ontario Trillium Foundation - continuing its leadership in building healthy and vibrant communities.

Grant to Colborne Curling Club.

The grant to the Curling Club was provided to enable us to do energy related modifications to the club. Electricity accounts for one third of our total costs, and it was estimated that by updating our heating and lighting infrastructure, we could save 50% of that cost. It was agreed as part of the granting of the funds that 50% of the actual savings would be set aside to go towards modifications for accessibility, and the other 50% of the savings would go towards reducing (or not increasing) fees for members. It was also part of the agreement that the club should contribute towards the total cost of the project, so the updates are funded from both the Club, and the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Once the funds were approved, work got under way. New lighting was installed in the clubhouse and the rinks, new natural gas heaters were installed in the clubhouse and changing rooms, and also in the rinks. The dehumidifier was replaced with a high efficiency electric unit, and a new ceiling liner was installed.

New lighting and ceiling
                  linerNew rink heaterNew rink heater
New lighting and ceiling liner and new rink heaters

In keeping with the spirit of the updating, volunteers from the club set about updating the decor. The changing rooms and toilets were cleared and repainted in a brighter colour, the lockers were scrubbed down and repainted, all the outside doors were scraped and repainted, and thanks to a generous donation from Sine's Flooring, the carpets were replaced throughout the club. The gardens at the front were cleared and, thanks to a donation from Lorne Park Nurseries, were replanted with shrubs. Rona donated timber to replace the rotted boards edging the gardens. As a result it is now a much warmer and more inviting place to be, and thanks are due to the many volunteers who gave their time and effort to making it so.

Lounge areaReplanted gardens
Re-carpeted Lounge Area and Re-planted gardens

                    for the start of the season

Ready for the start of the season.

The official announcement of the grant and the results of its implementation were made at the  Charity Spiel which was held on the 11th January, 2014.

Here are pictures of the presentations ...

The Trillium Foundation is a Provincial Government body charged with distributing money to deserving community projects, and the Government was represented by Quinte West MPP Rob Milligan (left), The Ontario Trillium Foundation was represented by Mark Darroch (centre),  and the Township of Cramahe, who are also long time supporters of the club, was represented by Mayor Marc Coombs (right). The Colborne Curling Club President, John McKnight made the introductions and received a plaque from the Trillium Foundation to commemorate the occasion.

Thanks are also due to Dave Barber, whose knowledge, hard work, and perseverance was one of the driving forces which led to the successful application. Here he is with Club President John McKnight.

The upgrades to the club were carried out by several companies, funds and materials were provided by many local sponsors, and work was carried out by volunteers within the club. They are listed here.

The Colborne Curling Club is thankful for the continued support of many local businesses and a full list of our sponsors can be found on the Sponsors Page.