Colborne Curling Club

"The Little Club That Rocks"


       The Colborne Curling Club Executive is committed to providing a safe environment for membership and will continue to update the guidelines as they become available. All members should respect the need to socially distance to ensure that all members feel safe to curl and socialize.


1.    All members must read, sign and hand in Waiver and Declaration of Compliance forms prior to their first game.  
2.    Masks are mandatory when entering the building and while in the club. Masks will be optional during play while maintaining social distance. Masks can be removed when seated at a table in the lounge for a drink following game provided people are socially distanced (Minimum 6 ft.). There is maximum of four people per table in the lounge area allowing social distancing. Time in the lounge is limited to a maximum of 45 minutes.
3.    Hands must be sanitized at the door upon entry to the building.
4.    Contact tracing form will be completed on an online app. (details to follow). Members with symptoms or who have been in contact with a person at high risk will refrain from playing or entering the building. Member will advise his/her skip.   
5.    Members will be responsible for disinfecting their own rocks at the beginning and the end of each game.
6.    Members will sanitize hands when entering/exiting ice area. Mask will be worn when exiting ice area and entering lounge.
7.    Games will be staggered to maintain social distancing.
8.    Equipment such as stabilizers, brooms, sticks and sliders will not be available. Equipment must not be shared.
9.    Lockers will not be available to members.

Traffic Flow

1.    Sheet 1 will start at 6:30, Sheet 2 will start at 7:30.  Doors will be open 15 minutes before start times. Social Distancing will be maintained when entering and exiting the building.
2.    Members are to arrive dressed and ready to play minimum 5 minutes before game start.
3.    Members are to proceed to the change room to put on footwear then directly to ice area using access stairs in locker room.  Take all personal items with you when leaving change room.
4.    All members will leave the ice through the exit to the lounge area.
5.    When leaving proceed from lounge area to change room to change footwear and then exit the building.


1.    One member from sheet one and sheet two will act as bar tender. Members will socially distance when ordering drinks. All drinks will be in disposable glasses. Members will bring exact change when possible. Bar tender will disinfect area.
2.    Players in the lounge should only remain maximum of 45 minutes and vacate the lounge area before the next teams (sheet 2) arrive.
3.    Players should sit with their own team with a maximum of 4 people per table.
4.    The table will be disinfected by the last person to leave it. Members will disinfect their own chair after use.
5.    Members should dispose of their own bottles or cans in recycling bin located in the main lounge area.

Guidelines for Return to Play

1.    Instead of handshakes give a wave or tap brooms
2.    Thirds to bring own coin for flip to determine last rock
3.    Players must stay on their own sheets in designated spots with no crossover to maintain social distancing.
4.    One member on each sheet will keep score on white board and will disinfect at the end of the game. Scores will be emailed by the winning skip to the drawmaster each week.
5.    One sweeper only on all delivered stones person in charge of the house is not allowed to sweep under any circumstances.
6.    Skip of non-delivering team is not allowed in the house until all stones have come to rest.

For team positioning during play, please read the following in conjunction with the illustrations shown in this document --> Distancing Illustrations

Non delivering team positioning:

1.    Sweepers will be positioned at designated markers while the other team is throwing.
2.    Player whose turn it is to deliver the next stone will be positioned at the hogline on the same side as the sweepers.

Delivering team positioning:

1.    Skip has control of the house.
2.    Delivering player is in the hack
3.    Non sweeping player stands on the backboard.
4.    The sweeping player is at the hogline.
5.    Player after delivering the stone will move up centre ice to the halfway point or the hogline

The Board is continuing to work on finalizing safety procedures including cleaning.


CurlOn Covid 19 guidelines July 2020
For further information visit CurlOn website
Board Approved September 2020